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Our Services

Burgundy Timber, Inc. strives to meet a wide variety of customer needs in the forest industry.  Our Timber Division’s goal is to achieve landowner objectives without compromise by offering a variety of services which will ensure a sustainable forest and forest resources for future generations.

Timber Harvesting

We offer top prices to buy pine and hardwood timber. We have 3 log crews, all of which are experienced in harvesting pine and hardwood timber whether it be select-cut thinnings or clearcuts.    

Prescribed Burning

Understory control is critical to growing quality timber.  We also prescribe burns for fuel load reduction and wildlife management.


Tree planting can be done by machine or by hand using quality containerized and bareroot seedlings.  Sometimes scalping and subsoiling is required in old fields and pastures.

Herbicide Application

Used to control competing vegetation in young pine stands and to control competing hardwoods in mid-rotation pine stands.  This can be applied by ground or through the air.

Bark Sales

Providing bark sales of mulch for produce growers, nurseries and individual or commercial sites.


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